26 November 2011


Greek synth experimentalists Keep Shelly In Athens have caused quite a splash of late, with hype from Pitchfork and The Fader among others. On December 5 they drop their first release-proper on Planet Mu, after a fantastic remix of Mouves by Tropics, earlier this year. The new EP is a 4-track 12" release featuring their majestic, Italo-influenced remix of 'Cub' by Solar Bears, plus three new tracks. Vocalist Sarah's beautiful melodies are drenched in (but never obscured by) reverb and FX, while the bands multi-layered synths and stuttering electronic percussion keep subtle, minimal time.

This release perfectly showcases the experimental pop side of Planet Mu, one of Britain's best electronic labels, and one that consistently pushes boundaries. Keep Shelly In Athens are a bold signing, because of their marvellously atemporal sound: they manage to balance forward-thinking production and science-fiction-feeling sonic motifs with clsasic songwriting techniques and melodies, which recall Cocteau Twins, Curve and Massive Attack.

This hits all the right notes - ethereal shoegaze vocals vie with pitch-bent synth lines and complex polyrhythmic drumpad patterns, combining to make songs that are both enchanting and technically impressive. It would be intriguing to know more about Keep Shelly In Athens and their approach to music - what kit and software they use, and where they see themselves fitting in the modern electronic scene. With this high-profile release on Mu, hopefully the band will come to even wider attention, and we'll get to know them better.

For now, have a listen to their Soundcloud page, which includes the magnificent 'Our Own Dream':

Latest tracks by Keep Shelly in Athens

Pre-order 'Campus Martius' from Planet Mu

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