26 November 2011


p.WRECKS and K. Clifton (aka Quiz) are two rappers hailing from Spokane, Washington. I first came across them via producer BL▲CK CEILING, who has done some tracks with Quiz. Since then I've followed both rappers, each of whom are incredibly prolific. Another thing they have in common is a multi-syllabic, polyrhythmic flow, and a tendency to dwell on the dark side of life. They're both fantastic rappers and producers in their own right, but when they collaborate (often with producer Xrin Arms), the results are stratospherically awesome. I don't know what they put in the water down in Spokane, but from where I'm sitting it seems like they have an incredibly diverse and high-concept underground hip-hop scene. These guys are the ones to watch: I hope this post leads you to more of their brilliant solo works.

Old Signs in Flesh feat. Quiz produced by the chukchee by p.WRECKS

Dry Heaving feat. GuttahFace, K.Clifton, Xrin Arms by p.WRECKS

different thoughts feat. FatArm, K.Clifton, Xrin Arms by p.WRECKS


p.WRECKS - There Is Nothing... Whatever

La Propagandue Asiatique presents Quiz aka K. Clifton - And Then The Cause Was Broke

Xrin Arms - Human Hallucinogen 

- post by Texture

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