4 October 2011

Special School - Wilbur & Orville (free download)

Special School - The Album

Brighton's finest, MC Elemental, busts out another album of completely ludicrious steampunk/ fantasy / pulp crime inflected hip-hop backed up with solid beats and a totally screwy sense of humour, this time teaming up with Jon Clark and DJ Maxwell under the Special Schools moniker. Its.... well, hard to properly describe. Essentially, if you think that any one narrative is instantly and constantly improved by the gratuitous addition of zombies, monkeys, insanely humongous giant mecha, doomsday devices, crumpets, jam, cigars, aliens, mustache wax, pseudo-history and references to really awful 80s action movies, this will probably keep you entertained for a good while.

You can buy the album for a mere £5 over at Elemental's homepage, or for those a little uncertain what they're getting into (who they? - Ed), you can download Wilbur and Orville from This Link to give you a taste of what to expect.

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