24 September 2011

Moritz Von Oswald & Tikiman @ Subclub

Ahem, excuse me if I have a little "Squee" moment to myself.

The last time they played the subby (back when they were still Rhythm and Sound, along with Mark Ernestus) I was persuaded by friends, amidst much arguing, that Hawtin at the Arches was the best thing we could do with our Friday night. Not knowing that Pressure endlessly repeated their massive headliners year after year - Hawtin being the big hitter for a good couple of Septembers in a row - and this wasn't exactly a one-chance-only night, I shelled out £20 bucks on the Arches. Not awful, but hardly the best. Plus, being forced to hang out in the middle arch for (pet hate) DJ Sneak's hands-in-the-air hook-fest really shat on my night in a way that none of my crazy-eyed, jaw-twitching, flailing mates could fathom.

Anyway, Slam-bashing aside. Moritz Von Oswald has been behind some of the most awesome dub and techno for well over 20 years, from Wackies, to Chain Reaction, to the M-series and Main Street Records, whilst Paul St Hilarie / Tikiman has what is best described as a phenomenal voice. And they're playing in a 400-capacity club with a monster soundsystem, whose only real failing is the absence of a decent pint.

Do we really need to tell you why this is going to be completely and utterly epic?

Off to get ticket tomorrow.
Moritz Von Oswald (Rhythm & Sound) Live @ Placa del Rei, Barcelona Feat. Tikiman - 14-10-2008 by R_co


  1. I bet that'll be great, have fun!

  2. Man, it was so good. Just been thinking back on it tonight while fiddling with a bassline.

    Just found a review online:
    And am about to listen to the animal Farm show they did to promote it: