3 April 2011

Profisee - Logan's Run EP (Phuturelabs)

Profisee - Logan's Run EP (Phuturelabs)

Oh hells yes, Phuturelabs, by far one of the finest blogs / netlabels around drops this cheeky slice of awesome from the unstoppable force that is Profisee. Featuring intellectual, spiritual flows backed by production from Poirer, Scharkz, Process Rebel and S-Type, this is five tracks of seriously high-quality hip-hop. Despite his popularity with dubstep acts like Akira Kiteshi, DFRNT and Starkey, there's a breadth of production styles that offer something for everyone, from grime to dancehall, via dubstep and crunk, showcasing Profisee's refusal to be pigeonholed by any genre.

As with other collabs, such as Dam Mantle's Magical, Profisee tends not to spit in recognisable 16s, circling back on rhymes, returning to refrains and losing himself in a whirlwind of repetition and reference. Despite this abstract, loose style, Prof still delivers powerful messages of self-belief, enlightenment and spirituality, referencing archaic mythology, apocalyptic imagery and pure kitchen sink realism. It's seriously good work from one of Scotland's finest MCs, with a collective of producers that ticks all the right boxes.

Download the full file here

PL004 - Profisee - Logans Run EP (wavs) - free download by Phuturelabs

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