1 April 2011

Rauta (Iron): Finnish Techno

Aki Latvamäki (aka Artificial Latvamäki) makes electronica. His deepset blue eyes stare stoically behind wisps of long brown hair. His wild beard covers a thin, serious mouth. He lives in deep seclusion in the thickly forrested lands of Oulu, jewel of Ostrobothnia, pausing his monastic musical regime only to carry small children to safety across fast-flowing streams. He spends much time alone, his muse the lakes, trees and moss coloured rocks of his homeland.

His music is eclectic, drawing on Folk, Skwee, Techno, Noise & Wonky, and alternates between the contemplative and industrial. His tracks build and develop, skilfully embedding and manipulating organic sounds within the motorik discipline of Techno.

His new album Rauta (Iron) is available from his bandcamp on a pay-what-you-want basis, and comes strongly recommended.

Don't think, Download.

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