4 April 2011

Northern Structures - Self Similarity

Northern Structures - Self-Similarity - Sonic Groove

More dark minimal business from Adam X's Sonic Groove label, drawing taught rhythms from a mechanistic, industrial soundscape of rattly percussion and metalllic pads. This is the Danish duo's debut release, and despite focussing more on loopy DJ tools than evolving tracks, is a very accomplished EP. Opener, Plus Minus revolves around a distressingly moody kick drum, with all the hi-hats sharpened into nasty attacking stabs and delicate synth swathes washing through the high end. Rotations and Self-Similarity draw from a similar palette of hardened clanks, smashes and industrial samples, coming across like a more brutalist Marcell Dettman or T++. Despite the hard edges, Rotations is surprisingly melodic, working a single swelling chord over the course of 6 minutes to great effect, and proving that one great riff, played well, is all it takes to build a great tune. Self Similarity pulls a similar trick, with a big nasty bass chord morphing throughout the tune and augmenting the four-four jack with a rattly breakbeat that comes on like Momentum-era Monolake. Whilst the 3-tracks on Self Similarity probably won't make quite the same splash as Ancient Methods or Adam X's releases on Sonic Groove, for a debut release, it's some of the best industrial techno I've heard in quite a while. Definitely going to be spinning it for a while.
Northern Structures - Self Similarity (SG1044) by Northern Structures Northern Structures - Rotations (SG1044) by Northern Structures Northern Structures - Plus Minus (SG1044) by Northern Structures

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