1 March 2011

Harlequinade / Jenny Lindsay Book Launch

"Who will bring redemption but the jesters?" - The Talmud

Noise-spewing clown of Revelation, Harlequinade, has committed fragments of his ever-evolving dark art to the printed page, collecting poems, fragments of scripts, lyrics and rants in a neat little volume released by Red Squirrel Press later this month. Rapper, slam poet, performance artist and film-maker, Harlequinade's various methods of delivery merge and collapse, challenging perceptions of art, music and literature. Committed to paper are various poems, extracts, scripts, scribblings and horrorscapes depicting a dark and surreal vision of the world.

The launch party takes place at the Jazz Bar in Edinburgh, from 7pm on the 10th March (free entry), and also sees the launch of a full-length collection from Jenny Lindsay, also on Red Squirrel. Lindsay and Harlequinade will both be performing readings.

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