3 March 2011

Aaron Carl - Wallshaker / Sven Weismann Remix

Aaron Carl - Wallshaker / Sven Weismann Remix
Rightly so, the tributes to the late great Aaron Carl keep coming, with the excellent Milions of Moments re-re-issuing Carl's 1997 classic Wallshaker, along with two reworks, and donating the profits to his family. I was never so into Aaron Carl as The Niallist, so discovering Carl's brilliant take on disco, techno and booty is both fascinating and saddening - Wallshaker is guaranteed anthem material, and no-one's going to make another. Riding on crisp analogue beats, with camp-as-fuck orgasmic moans and big house vocals floating in the top end, Wallshaker is as euphoric a house anthem as I'm Your Brother, Good Life or French Kiss, beasting along and breaking down gorgeously. One of the gayest records I've ever heard, I'm very happy to have this on wax.
The Sven Weismann rework is much more my thing, and whilst lacking the sheer hands-in-the-air euphoria that Carl draws from simple 303 patterns, is a rich slice of lazy, dub-techno action that fractures vocals, and places them in the far corners of the soundscape. It's not Weismann's best work (I reserve that for his awesome rework of Ramadanman's Humber), but it does lovely things with the raw ingredients, and manages to take Carl somewhere unique, whilst remaining reverential of the original.
Carls deeper rework, Midnight Dub, the flip side to MOM's original re-issue, takes up the B-side here and is the perfect counterpart to the original; a true dub version that lazily scatters the vocal segments and focuses more on the funk and groove at the heart of the track. Put together, the two versions showcase an exceptional talent that I'm only beginning to understand.
Rest in Peace.

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