8 February 2011

New Radio - New Sounds

soundcloud shot for magnets

Ahead of Global SoundCloud Meet-up day, with Little Rock and Microrave Records chairing the Glasgow event, Little Rock bring you a compilation of SoundCloud-released tracks.

Wednesday 9 February is International SoundCloud meet-up day, with SoundCloud users from across the world taking part in live events; curating Glasgow’s meet-up, which features discussions, talks from Scottish music industry figures, and a music swap-meet, are Team Little Rock and Microrave Records. The event runs from 8pm – 12 at Stereo (Renfield Lane), and is completely free. All tracks in this compilation are available as free downloads.






  1. Solipsism - All your Dreams Won’t Come True – Self-Released
  2. Majetic - Warschauer – Self-released
  3. Sun Dogs – Captain Klaus – Self-released
  4. Chunk – Do The Glasgow Dub – Self-Released
  5. Scientific Support Dept – Shortwave – Self-released
  6. Pyramid Head – A Hundred Cults Prepare to Die – Self-released
  7. Audion – Billy Says Go (Voltergeist Remix) – via soundcloud
  8. Crystal Castles – Air War (Emotiquon Remix) – Via soundcloud
  9. Cottam – The Long Dark Road (unmastered) – Self-released
  10. BeardyMan – Mubmai Cells (Live) – Self-released
  11. S-Type - Terry Nutkins – Phuturelabs
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