8 February 2011

Auntie Flo - Goan Highlife EP

Auntie Flo - Goan Highlife EP

Brian D'Souza (Slabs of the Tabernacle / Inner Ear) drops this bombshell next week, on the ever-awesome Huntley and Palmers. Chewing up everything from afrobeat, to folk, to funk and disco, the man behind some of the best parties in Glasgow delivers top quality house shot through with rich melodies and contorted rhythms. If you're into Cottam, Theo Parrish and Moodymann, this is well worth keeping an eye out for; tapping a similar vein of raw, simply produced dance music that disregardes anal-retentive wav polishing and synth-wankery in favour pure groove and rough, tribal spontaneity. With Slabs of the Tabernacle, and his other various ventures, Brian D'Souza has managed to combine an encyclopaedic knowledge of obscure and offbeat dance variants with a powerful love of proper techno, house and dubstep. Producing as Aunty Flo, he manages to unite all these elements, without ever sounding attention deficit or messy, and the result is something I'll be buying as soon as it hits the shop.

Nice work.

Auntie Flo - Highlife (Sample) by Auntie Flo
Auntie Flo - Goa (Sample) by Auntie Flo

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