9 February 2011

Hetherington Building occupied

Last year, the Hetherington Building closed down due to a number of factors, most notably "the legacy of bad management" that saw some extremely dubious / totally illegal financial decisions taken by the then management. Due to a certain amount of carried-over debt and a number of issues about how the club should proceed, it remained closed until recently, when Glasgow Uni Occupied took over the building and re-opened it to the public.

"We want the building to be a space for people across the city to utilise in the struggle against cuts and austerity. And we wantr it to be a safe, non-commercial space for students of Glasgow uni - for socialising, for education and for engaging with the movement against cuts and fees, both on our campus and across the city."

Whether it's used to forment political rebellion and combat austerity, or just turned back into the best party spot in Glasgow, this is great news.

Nice one.
Facebook group here.

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  1. I'm a big fan of everything I've heard about this occupation. The Glasgow Uni Guardian has a pretty positive piece about it this issue, and they quote at least one ex-staff member who reckons action like this might have saved it and the 25 jobs that went down with it.

    Next question... Who wants to get together and do a night?