15 February 2011

International Soundcloud Meet-Up

So, after the exceptionally successful meet-up last wednesday, we've pulled together some of the various bits of footage, audio and visual from the event... This video is a short teaser of the roundtable footage we recorded, though sadly not all the discussion was captured successfully.

Soundcloud Meetup - Glasgow 2011 from GlasgowMeetup on Vimeo.

Though the pre-event jam wasn't as active as we'd hoped it would be, the chaps from Binary Zero jammed for a while and created something from all of this. Very cool, beefy techno.
Sound Cloud Meetup Track Glasgow - Tales From The Cloud - #scmeetup by binaryzeromusic
And Jim Gellatly phoned in this fantastic apology / excuse / shameless plug for our benefit.

Sorry, but I've got better things to do tonight... by Jim Gellatly
More info and footage to come in the near-future, more details can be found at the soundcloud group.
Thanks again to all involved.

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