7 February 2011

V/A "Great Minds" LP (Mind On Fire)

Mind On Fire
are a Manchester based label and "Great Minds" is their first vinyl album, a compilation of 8 tracks by 8 acts covering bases like dub, breakbeat, deep house and downbeat. Founded in 2004, Minds On Fire have previously put out 4 compilations on CD-R, and have covered genres as broad as "Future Beats to Japanese Math Rock (and everything else in between)".

We liked the title “Great Minds” for the compilation as although
the music may vary it encapsulates the feeling within the collective of everyone thinking alike in seeing past constrictive boundaries and sharing a love of creating and listening to music, regardless of genre

I was pointed in the way of this compilation by Lee Andrews. one whose tracks appears under the name LA77 - that track ("Cubed") is great, but the quality throughout this project is very high. This is the first time on vinyl for 6 of the 8 acts appearing, and it's probably not the last either. Well known Manc DJ G Kut contributes the excellent "Dance of the Kuttlefish", which combines wobble bass with Arabic chanting, downbeat heads will find much to like in the work of Neko Neko, Zoir and Woli Wols, Pareesa and Grave Architecture contribute forward-thinking/horizontal leaning dub-ambient, while XXXY drops some very solid deep house with "All Over This". But you can check out the tracks for yourself:

LA77 "Cubed"

G Kut "Dance Of The Kuttlefish"

XXXY "All Over This"

Neko Neko "Fast:

You can get "Great Minds" directly from the Mind On Fire website, Boomkat, or from your nearest quality vinyl emporium.

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