6 December 2010

Goblin live in Glasgow

The Gods of Awesome smile on us for once - it has been announced that the legendary Italian soundtrack band Goblin will be appearing live in Glasgow next February, as part of the Glasgow Film Festival! Some of us have been awaiting this moment for years. Goblin provided the soundtrack to horror classics like Dawn Of The Dead, Suspiria, Phenomena, Tenebre and many more. Here is clip of Goblin performing "Tenebre" a couple of years ago, a song famously sampled by French electro act Justice for their hit "We Suck Massive Donkey Knobs":

This truly is a time to rejoice my friends! More on the Goblin gig here. In other news, there seemes to be a mini-Giallo revival going on at the moment, what with Darren Aronofsky's The Black Swan said to be heavily influenced by Dario Argento, and the film "Amer" being even more of an hommage. Apparently it is like a filmic tone-poem and features no dialogue - I for one am intrigued:

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