25 November 2010

Texture - Non-Sequitr

"Scottish Hip-hop is a non-sequitr"...
With the Silver Age EP (featuring Kid Ritalin) dropping tonight, here's a preview of what the new material from Texture sounds like... I've heard him dropping this a number of times at Slams and spoken word nights over the years, and that "Bacardi Breezers" line still makes me grin.

Video by KD McCune, Beats & Production: Salem Anders

From weaponizer "Big up all the Scottish hip-hop heroes who inspired this verse: Harlequinade, Tickle, Laughing Gear, the Penpushers, Asthmatic Astronaut, J Seal and Livesciences, Quietman, Stanley Odd, Fountainbridge Collective, Lifeshows, Soom T, Salem Anders, Morphamish, 5hit-Hop Ninja Terminatorz, Krowne, Profisee and Ema J, Monkeytribe, B-Burg, Dan Bland, the Volume! crew, Surface Emp, Loki and Skatabrainz, Verse 1, Abdominal Showmen, Yush2k crew, all LuckyMe crew, MCF crew, Jee4ce, Nasty P, Vigilante, Spytec, Granite Emcees, Nu Urban Frontier, Nafees, all Dropzone Records crew... and to anyone writing real beats and rhymes... hit us up at Black Lantern Music. PEACE."

'Nuff said.

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