13 October 2010

Axe Cop - A Superhero With A Badge. And An Axe.

You may already know about the chap to the left. His stories have been up for a while. The last day or two I've been absorbed by the action packed adventures of the unquenchably bad-ass officer of the law known as Axe Cop.

With an ever mutating, rotating and warring cast, Axe Cop reads like an alternate universe Jerry Bruckheimer writing comics without an editor.

In reality it's the debut project of writer Malachai Nicolle, with help from his more experienced artist brother, Ethan Nicolle.

Malachai and Ethan take us on a jam-packed journey of righteous crime-fighting fury and chaotic plot twists, ramping up the excitement as the unwavering Axe Cop gains allies in his war against injustice; through zombie infestations, vampires from the moon, unicorn horns and shocking betrayal...

He will cut your head off, unless your neck is really, really strong.


  1. Oh, by the way... Malachai started writing the strip when he was 5. He is now 6.

    Shit still kicks Michael Bay's ass.

    Seriously. Next time round get a five year old to write transformers, give him Bay's budget, and we'd all be much, much happier.

    Hey Hollywood, if you're listening; I'm sure Malachai would take the job.

  2. A lot better than the Alan Moore I'm reading at the moment.