18 August 2010

Blood Of The Bull Minterview

We have featured Blood Of The Bull on both the FUCKNO album and EP, and talked about their debut EP on Winning Sperm Party before. Information on the band has been scarce though, so we've got chief Bull Hillary to answer some questions picked from our random generator.

Who or what is BotB?

Blood of the Bull is me and my very good pal Rory McIntyre. I play guitar and things with keys. Rory plays drums and guitar sometimes. 

"Blood Of The Bull" - explain your name...

I can't do that. I'd have to kill you. 

Do you wear leather shoes?

I have 1 pair. I bought them in France because they looked like something Scott Walker would have had in 1966. Other than that, not really. And they so didn't make me look like Scott Walker.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Elliott Smith (we liked him way before he was deceased) I 'spose, Mary Timony/Helium; I really love Broadcast as well. And the person I mentioned in the previous question.

Any releases in the pipeline?

Wait for Early 2011. We're both putting a lot of time into other bands at the moment. When it happens it'll very likely be on the winning sperm party site...

How's Divorce going?

Good, good. They were all here in the room with me about 45 minutes ago. I'm not shitting you. We're on tour in September. We're all still as ugly and unwashed as you remember us. 

How does BotB differ from your other bands?

Well, none of them share the same members.  Phat Trophies is carnival/funeral music, Divorce sounds like a divorce. If BotB sounded like a divorce at a funeral that would be really exciting but I don't think we do...

If you could be in any band in the history of music, who would it be?

I would be in Scott Walker. 

Have you seen "Matador"?

Is that a film? *

Have you ever thought of joining PETA?

I dunno. What would Scott Walker do?

[* Ed's Note: Matador is 1986 film by Spanish auteur Pedro Almodover, a pitch black comedy about people who find death sexy, and who fight bulls for a living. It's fucked up and awesome.]

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