17 August 2010

Most Expensive Record Ever!

A rare soul/jazz 7" has gone on sale on eBay for the princely sum of 21 million dollars. Yes, twenty one MILLION dollars. You can view the sale, and download a minute long audio clip, here.

A very reputable source (my landlord, no less!) tells me this must be a hoax. For a start, no-one on the soul-collectors scene would pay that much - they just couldn't afford it. The big sales in that world don't happen on eBay either, as soul luddites tend not to have computers. And most suspicious of all - if only one copy was ever pressed, why does it have a record label's sticker on it? Apparently if it was that rare it would have no sticker or a blank.

I also find it a bit suspicious that the seller is very keen to promote his borther's rare record shop, even going so far as to share the telephone number. Hmmmm.

Still, makes a good story!

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