21 July 2010

Lucky Me Soundcloud

I'm sure everyone (in Glasgow at least) already knows who LuckyMe are: Hudmo, Rustie, art / music collective, Eclair Fifi etc. Massively hyped and with some really quality work to their name, I've just come across the soundcloud of Dom Sum and Fine Art, two of the collective's founding members.
It's a lot of what you expect - tracing the dots between purple wow synths, swung garage / hip-hop rhythms, lush melodies and deep bass. I actually think this is one of my favourite things to emerge from the LuckyMe stable so far; it fills in a lot of the gaps that HudMo's lysergic hip-hop often left...
BEWITCHED by The Blessings (LuckyMe) REAL GUNS by The Blessings (LuckyMe) GO GIRL! ft Ciara & T-Pain by The Blessings (LuckyMe)

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