10 June 2010

Lachlann Rattray (Yoko, Oh No!) minterview

Presenting the first in a new semi-regular series of mini-interviews ("minterviews") exclusive to Shallow Rave!

We are delighted to present some words from Mr Lachlann Rattray, formerly one half of Gay Against You, solo recording artist as Yoko, Oh No!, FUCKNO contributor as Average Joe Stalin, and creator of some awesome art-based fanzines. His latest is "Vomit Party," which we have mentioned before.

What is a "vomit party"?
A a vomit party or to give it it's full title "Heavy metal vomit party" is somewhere that one might take Allyson on a first date.

Have you ever been to one?
I don't think so I was nearly at one once but it turned out to be a recital of Brahms.

Who is your favourite Star Trek character? And why?
That is pretty tricky, but I guess it would have to Worf, He is a totally straight up dude, he is a mans mans mans. But he has a soft side plus he gets the best lines. Observe:

What do you use to create your art?
Besides my incredible intellect I also use photoshop, and sometimes sweet home 3D for cool 3d movies. But as is the case with most if not all creative acts its not your tools it's what you do with them (and also how you look).

Who are biggest inspirations art-wise?
Hmm... I guess in terms of artists I look up to I would say Paul Laffoley, Jim Woodring Ross Christie, Arran Ridley and Mehdi Hercberg. The art I like tends to be stuff that makes me laugh or that has that awesome quality of being really good but also making me feel like I could do it too., that's what really inspires me.

How about for music?
My musical taste is constantly changing (I was going to say evolving but that would imply progression, I think I'm the opposite). At the moment I am really in to the Blue Oyster Cult, Magama , Ruins and Cardiacs, but if you ask me again in a month it will be different.

What was the best gig you have ever played?
I played a show a while ago where I baked a cake during the performance using a microwave I brought with me. The whole show ended with everyone eating the cake it was pretty fun, the cake was a bit rank though and apparently someone spat in the mixture while I wasn't looking, fun times!

And the worst?
Hmmm maybe a show gay against you played at the art school nearly got beaten up for handing someone a bit of paper, the whole show was really aggro, bad times.

Lady Gaga or Ke$ha? And why?
I guess Lady Gaga, her songs are pretty great and all I have heard of ke$ha is that annoying spotify ad but I fully accept that I am not giving ke$ha a thorough reveue and that my conclusion is half baked.

What does the future hold for Lachlann Rattray?
Besides the gradual withering and decay of body and my inevitable slide towards death? I hope to make lots more artwork getting commisioned by folks to make there posters and artwork for albums is always fun, I'm also getting into politcal cartooning(http://theworldpolitical.tumblr.com/) which is also lots of fun

Vomit Party is available to buy from Che Camille in Glasgow, and via mail order from Dreamguts. His previous work, Gnar Trek, is sold out on Dreamguts but still available at Che Camille.

Yoko, Oh No! on Last FM.

Download "Modern Bummer" by Yoko, Oh No! here.

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