7 April 2010

Countdown to FUCKNO: Part 7, Sileni

"We thought it would be funny to blend free-improv noise and hip-hop.
Clearly, it is.
...and it has remained funny for the past 2 years that we have been gigging."

Ladies and Gentlemen, applause if you please for Sileni. Squalling noisecore and non-rhythmic structures collide with Lovecraftian intonation, darkly poetic rhymes and twisted humour. Once reviewed as "Sounds like an anvil in a washing machine with a wrestler trying to talk loudly over the noise – all scraping, clunking beats and cyclical skewed and skronky melodies repeated until you feel sick", Thunder / Sun - Live is post-apocalyptic music for the dead generations buried in the rubble. Awesome.
Vocalist Harlequinade is one of the main forces behind Black Lantern Music, as well as running Neverzone promotions and co-creating the disturbing film vignette Swirlhead.
Their album Riders on The Conquering Worm is available as a free download from Black Lantern, as is Harlequinade's solo effort Nihilonymous Germscapes.

Today's dose of FUCKNO: Sileni - Thunder / Sun - Live

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