29 April 2010

Countdown to FUCKNO Part 29 LOUTS

You will know of Louts by now, surely? He and Fox Gut Daata released a split download 7 on Little Rock last year, as part of the second birthday giveaway bonanza. See the little box just above this and to the right that says "Stuff We've Done"? Well click on Releases and it's in there.

Mr Cuneen, who also moonlights as one half of the Dam Mantle live experience, almost didn't get this to us in time (the clock has been ticking!) but we are overflowing with joy that we can now get him and his scuzzed-up lo-fi hip-hop sound onto the compilation. The break in this tune is naggingly famiiar - any ideas as to what it might be?

LOUTS For Stupid Forces

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