18 April 2010

Countdown to FUCKNO Part 18 Hannas Barber

Hannas Barber is the work of three guys, Ed, Dan and Simon, and while their music takes in elements of broken beat, jazz, dub, glitch and more, it's pretty hard to pigeon hole. Except for the super-massive gaping black chasm of a genre that is Norave.

Recording music in lengthy jam sessions and re-editing it for release, Hannas Barber are prolific chaps. Simon also does visual work under the name Vitascope, and has supplied visuals on many occassions for our friends at Sound The Alarm. After many releases over the years, on Glasgow's Dalriada records and their own imprint Instant Action Object, HB last year released the 19-track CD, which is how they came to our attention. But we are glad to be able to present an exclusive Hannas Barber track for FUCKNO, the squelchy dub-not-dub soundscape that is "The End Jump". It's rather good, even if we say so ourselves!


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