17 April 2010

Countdown to FUCKNO Part 17 BOY ARMY

Dreamy winkle supergroup, Boy Army, is a project consisting of several unauthorized persons including artist, grot novelist & nudey model, Mark Tolson, ex-chateaux hypoglyceamia artist & Machete Attack warbler , Laurence Elliott & big dyslexia music mind Darren Cullen (ex-Shitdisco, Age Of Consent) who swan about in their fluffy cloud bus, offering up fags to single mothers at public transport waiting locations in the rain.

'Love Without Brains' is Larry & Darren's baby, & is about what the title suggests & about the breakdown of a beautiful relationship when you have to end up living in an old goats shed round the back of an in-bred's pub in a tory Roman walled cathedral city better called Chic Hysteria, walking to the poop a scoop at Jubilee park at 5 in the mourning, because the bigots won't let you use their bogs, with a huge bag of your own shit & no canine friend to disguise the abomination, then crawling back to the slug infested shit whole for a cry & an angry wank. Because of her. Come on girls, get wet!

BOY ARMY Love Without Brains

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