15 April 2010

Countdown to FUCKNO Part 15 WEENLIZ

Typical Weenliz live carnage - photo by Follow The Waves.

Weenliz don't exist anymore, but in their short and glittering career they brought Glasgow's music scene to a stand still. After Tayside Mental Health, they are perhaps THE Norave band, but don't tell them that or their heads will swell. Legend has it that they were banned from every live venue in Glasgow. This may have had to do with Willy the singer's attempts to kiss male audience members (bearing in mind he's about 6' 3 and built like a brick shithouse) or it may have been down to their abrasive, improvised sound. Either way they rocked. I still remember playing with them at Head Surgery when they did a set that consisted of screaming, playing a bass with a knife and sounds from a Kaoscilator. At the end of the set I realised that me, them and the promoters were the only people left in the building. ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL BABY.

Weenliz only made one record, which is available as a free download from the mighty Winning Sperm Party, and we have been waiting for about two years to get their live recordings from the Halt Bar Hijack to release. It will probably never happen. But in the name of FUCKNO, Weenliz we salute you!

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  1. Wee Willy Wincher, rins through the gig,
    Up stairs and doon stairs, cunt's awfy big,
    Tirling at the crowd now, cryin' out for cock,
    Are the weans in their bed, for it's now ten o'clock?