19 March 2010

More Berlin Grafitti.

So aye, some great art from both the Berlin Wall gallery and a few other spots around the city.Faster than a speeding bullet. Hell yes. I love the linework and the shading, as well as the EPIC charging stance; I think it's just captured the intensity perfectly. "At faster than the speed of light, time begins to bend: Flash Fact!"I love the subtle implications of totalitarianism and industrio-military complex in this one. I've got some better shots of it somewhere too.
This is part of the official wall gallery, and reminded me a lot of the brilliant Alex Proyas film Dark City. I liked that this woman wandered into shot, it gave it something extra...


  1. What does the transformer one have to do with totalitarianism?

    Oh, and Dark City is not a Warchowski siblings film - it's definitely not on their wiki page anyway.

  2. It's all about the DB logo - the German rail company - and the CCTV camera mounted like a laser cannon. A graffiti artist's worst enemies in most cities are usually the train company and their surveillance.

    That and the cops, obviously, but they're enemeies to so many people... But state-backed corporate control of public space is the natural nemeisis of the anarchic joy typified by the likes of graffiti(and skating, parkour etc).

    Optimus Prime looking robots standing in for DeutscheBahn I'm not so sure about, but then Prime was the archetypal 'good soldier', representing the high minded and principled authority of a benign dictatorship.

    Sorta makes sense, especially when you remember the history of East Berlin under a totalitarian government purporting to know best for it's subjects.

    Plus, robots look cool.