11 October 2009

Heavy Dubbed, Heavy Gubbed...

Godfather of the freecomnomic inferno that is Netaudio, Disrupt
Last night I limbo danced. Well, almost. So laid back I almost fell over, Dub was flowing over me thick and slow most of the night, and my feet are all but bloody today. Never has anything ever been more worth it than that Saturday in Maria am Ostbahn.

My night looked a bit like this...

Jenz Steiner - http://www.myspace.com/reifenwechsler
Comfort Fit - http://www.comfortfit.de/
Metastaz - http://www.myspace.com/metastazmusic
Disrupt - http://www.jahtari.org/
Volfoniq - http://www.volfoniq.com/
Raphael Gomez - http://www.myspace.com/rafaelgom3z
Juno6 - http://www.juno6.de/

It might not have been in exactly that order. And in all likelihood, there were a bunch more acts Ive lost track of... If so, I'm sorry. Two hours sleep seems like loads at this point, and my mind is not what it once was.It was almost all amazing, and deserving of recognition and remembrance.

Decadence, man. Total fucking decadence; an obscene amount of great acts, each one talented and passionate, and not one you would want to miss. Someone has to be on in another room when disrupt play, though. Those poor, poor bastards.

There is a pulsing groove still rolling up and down my psyche in waves, and it is called Netaudio Berlin.
Bring on London, and bring on the afterparty tonight.

Maria Am Ostbahnhoff

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