1 September 2009

Summer Dubbing

Summertime in Glasgow; a weird phenomena. This is a city so heavily influenced by it's weather, climate and psychogeography. This mix is a live recording of my soundtrack to the late nights and long walks home from clubs, attempting to sonically map some of the city's aspects... Navigating through the harsh concrete of the City centre and dodging the late night crowds is a more focussed, upbeat matter, demanding heftier beats from the likes of Mala, Muslimguaze and Voltergeist. Then the dawn starts to creep, grey-fingered across the sky, and I'm walking the paths through Kelvingrove park. The sun always rises so brightly, before this city fogs it and clouds over, leaving it's inhabitants wondering why they never seem content here. The sounds become more liquid as the landscape becomes more organic... Monolake's mindblowing Rebreather mix, Deepchord's drowned dub, Mika Vainio.

1. Terminator OST (loop)
2. Muslimguaze - Xiao
3. Voltergeist - Bones
4. Basic Channel - Q Loop
5. Mala - Bury Da Bwoy
6. Forrest Whittaker - Samurai Code Quote #5.
7. Ramadanman - Humber (Sven Weisseman's Rumber Remix)
8. The Octopus Project - Wet Gold (Voltergeist Remix)
9. Miekkakala / Swordfish - Ø (Mika Vainio)
10. Monolake - Plumbicon (Rebreather Edit)
11. Deepchord - Empyrean
12. Raz Michael and the Sons of Negus - Rise Ja Children

www.drop.io/summerdubbing to download.

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