26 September 2009

Lady Afro Does Not Go Gentle

Kinky Afro was always one of the best nights in Glasgow. In it's heyday, it was a clusterfuck of awesomeness, with in house drummers, a playlist that just didn't exist and great vibes. Even recently they were booking pop acts one month and rhythm kings the next, never really looking too much to anyone else's lineup for inspiration.

Last night they had Mathew Herbert, back on the decks after his self-imposed exile, probably a one-off. He blew the shit out of the crowd as you'd expect, and most folks danced all the way til the 5am finish.

It was a shame to see it leave, but what a way to go.

Lady Afro, we salute you.

(you can listen to the mix they did for the birthday/funeral over on Radio Magnetic, the home of our own Little Rock show)

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