13 October 2012

Vessel - Order of Noise

With attention given to Tri Angle stalwarts Holy Other and Balam Acab, the bubbling potential of AlunaGeorge, and new signing WIFE (no doubt the label banking on his parent black metal group Altar of Plagues' popularity), one could be forgiven for allowing Vessel's Order of Noise to slip under the radar. However, after reading this and a direct link to a handy free stream on RA, there is no forgiveness.

A typical net-age electronic producer, Bristol's Seb Gainsborough stands out by successfully fusing a subtle but undeniable recipe of industrial dub, booming disco and splashes of Alva Noto-like glitchy techno for an entire LP's length - and still leaving the listener hungry for more. Court of Lions and Plane Curves represent the album's more clubby choice cuts, whilst tracks like Stillborn Dub provide enough offbeat candy for Demdike Stare-worshipping chin-strokers. Deviantly smart techno.

Due to be released this Monday (October 15th) on Tri Angle Records on double LP, CD and digital download.
The entire album can be streamed exclusively at Resident Advisor here.

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