10 October 2012

Ulrich Schnauss - A Long Way To Fall

I've always been a sucker for Ulrich Schnauss' genre-smash of kraut, shoegaze, trip-hop and everything but the kitchen sink. Maybe it's just a temporal thing, y'know? Maybe everyone's got that one album that just made it for them that one time and they can never let it go. Like how I still love to play Anaesthetic on pub jukeboxes, despite it not even being slightly similar to anything I listen to now, sober, reeling or otherwise. It was just there, then, when I needed it to be. Sixteen with a false ID and a few pounds of spare change...

A Strangely Isolated Place, Schnauss' mega breakthrough, was a massive critical success and deservedly so - just short of an hour of hazy wondrousness that you could lose yourself in over and over again. Even after various lesser works like the rather over-produced Goodbye, his name always reminds me of grey-tinted living rooms at 6am, 275ml Carlsberg bottles in various state of half-fullness, and the fuzzy awareness that the world was coming to life in the flat above, whilst you were living the dream and the party was still going.

New album, free preview. This seemed more interesting than anything critical I could say.

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