16 April 2012

'Odd Future's True Legacy' = impotent rage


'Older Critic Discovers Truism, Blames Younger Band'

"Odd Future have done me a favour. I was watching “Rella”, the new video by the Californian rap outfit, and there it was, at 1:22: a smack delivered to a woman’s face so hard that her head snapped to one side. And there I went, straight onto Twitter with my outrage, and in the process giving Odd Future precisely the marketing that they had bargained for. But, that said, they still did me a favour.

As I commented to a friend at the time, anyone who watches an Odd Future video probably gets exactly what they deserve, be it delight or disgust. Now that I’ve cooled down, my reaction to their work reminds me of the devout Christians who would listen in to Howard Stern’s radio show, comfortable and perhaps excited in the knowledge that they could take offence at any moment."

Read more of Musa Okwonga's Independent article here. This is the video:

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