21 April 2012

Hold Me Close Now, Tiny Trancer

Jack Death has been a hero of mine ever since my too-young mind was exposed to 'Trancers' by the scifi and fantasy obsessed uncle who used to supply me with kick ass video tapes, from the A-Team to Star Trek, cartoons to cult movies most people haven't even heard of now, and sometimes even the odd book. Thank you Alan. You probably shouldn't have, but thank fuck you did.

He also got me into 'The Sword and The Sorcerer', another gleaming gem of my childhood. The crucifixion banquet scene has stayed with me my whole life, informing my sense of heroism and the masochistic pursuit of revenge. Plus the bit when he pulls the nails out is fuckin' awesome.

But I'm getting distracted... What did Jack Deth, the peerless, hardboiled trancer-hunter teach me? Well, he taught me that Whistler had a mother, for one thing.

You know, actually, that might have been it.

Still, it had Helen Hunt in it. So there's that.

Okay, so my shameless love of an 80s anti-classic is likely be based on an 8 year old's warm reception for all things kick ass, but it's a very real emotion, and I'm happy with it.

Given my uncritical acceptance of same, you can imagine my joy when Seth over at Bang the Bore sent me a link to this:

I'm not sure if any of this rambling nostalgia trip has a point to it, but Black Stepdad's video pushes a lot of my buttons, and not sharing it is not really an option.

An hour and a half of synthesisers, trancers,  grainy VHS and some really terrible physical acting. What's not to love?

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