13 February 2012

The Shallow Rave Show, 13th February 2012

Shallow Rave regulars Boag and Liam (hosts of the much-missed Little Rock Radio Show on RadioMagnetic) join Bram, aka Black Lantern's Texture, to present the first in a regular podcast series! Showcasing the best in new experimental and electronic music, with some classics, exclusives, and on future shows, guest mixes from some of our favourite producers and DJs.

You can download and stream below. Show A has the hosts chatting about their selections and giving you news about upcoming gigs in Scotland, while Show B is just the music. Enjoy! We'll be back very soon with show #2...

Playlist for Shallow Rave 001:

Refused - Party Program (The Shape Of Punk To Come) [Burning Heart]
Church Of When The Shit Hits The Fan - Under The Last Dust (COWTSHTF2) [www.blacklanternmusic.com]
CRIM3S - HOLES (CRIM3S EP) [blackbusrecords.bigcartel.com]
Kuedo -Ant City (Severant) [Planet Mu]
Muslimgauze - Fez TiShan (Sulaymaniyah) [Staalplaat]
DJ Deathray - Bombs On It (Neus) [auralsects.bandcamp.com]
Ghostek - Mutual Surrender [soundcloud.com/ghostek]
Buraka Son Sistema - Burrakaton (Komba) [Enchufada]
Perc - My Head is Slowly Exploding (Chris Carter Remix) [Perc]
Claro Intelecto - Contact [Modern Love]
Function - Rekjavik [Sandwell District]
Plastikman - Helikopter [Plus 8]
Jonas Kopp - Mico [Curle]
Levon Vincent - Late Night Jam [Ostgut]
Sandwell Disrtict - Reality or Nothing (Silent Servant Mix) [Sandwell District]
Black Dog - Bass Mantra [Dust Science]
Wireman - Armour [Prime Numbers]
Sigha - Light Swells in a Distant Space [Hot Flush]
CREEP - Animals ft. Holly Miranda (Alpines remix) (Animals)  [soundcloud.com/creep-2]
Beastie Boys x Dead Virgins - Sabotage [soundcloud.com/lucianblomkamp]
Lowkey - Keep Your Hand On Your Gun (Sountrack To The Struggle) [Mesopotamia Music]
Loki - Seasons Change [soundcloud.com/volition-scotland]
Byetone - Topas (Symeta) [Raster-Noton]
Pictureplane - Real Is A Feeling (Grimes Remix) [soundcloud.com/pictureplane]
LetKolben - Valery [soundcloud.com/letkolben]
C.A.N.S. - Emilio Estavex [soundcloud.com/c-a-n-s]
Jetsam - Beneath The Ice (HMS Below) [phuturelabs.com]
Krowne - Spooky Action At A Distance (Distorted Thoughts) [www.blacklanternmusic.com]
First Place Science Project - Abusive Scary Language ft. p.WRECKS [firstplacescienceproject.bandcamp.com]
Coki - Celestial Dub (b-side for Don't Get It Twisted) [DMZ]

1 comment:

  1. A criminal lack of Ancient Methods in this show, especially given that they are playing at the end of the month.


    Also mentioned too briefly was Silver Tongues, playing for the Glasgow Fim Festival. It's on at GFT on the 18th, and Cineworld on the 19th of February.

    We interviewed the film's creator Simon Arthur over here.