14 December 2010

Ravers take to street for illegal party

Co-Op Rave on Midland Street, between Arches and Macsorleys

From the Evening Times:

Hundreds of clubbers held a giant rave party in a city street over the weekend.
Midland Street became a dance floor in the early hours of Saturday morning when clubbers poured out of The Arches at 3am to be greeted by a Volkswagen Golf with speakers in the boot.
It pulled up and started blasting out music, blocking the street for one and a half hours.
The atmosphere was “frenetic”, according to one witness.
Despite the fact the city centre is busy with police on weekends, not a single officer saw the crowd or reported it.
Although the event was described as “good natured” and no complaints were made, a leading Glasgow MSP called for a police investigation.
Club promoter Chet Capkiner, 25, who organised the party, said: “We had a great time.

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  1. Ha!
    That's exactly what I said to Chet and Matt!
    Call the record/mail, tell then you are OUTRAGED and want them to BAN THIS FILTH. Seems the times was a bit more understanding.

    Oh, they were using decks, btw, just so everyone knows. Decks in the boot of the car.

    Nobody seems to have mentioned the bin launching crowd surfers either...