11 November 2010

Skudge on Animal Farm

Animal Farm, as anyone in Glasgow who love's the techno'll know, throw excellent parties.
The trio have been on it since we came across them in Soundhaus, and are currently rocking the Sublclub, at least in part down to an unassailable taste in guests. Fortunately for anyone outwith that dear green place, they also represent once a week on their Subcity show.
I'm listening to the most recent episode, featuring a full hour of animal on animal action from Quail and Turtle and a live set from scandinavian production unit, Skudge.

Shit hot to tidy the house to, I can  only imagine what this would sound like over the subby system.

Skudge on Animal Farm

Tune in next week when they'll be announcing their guest for the sixth birthday. If past form is any guide to future, shit will bang.

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