29 November 2010

Ekoplekz live set

(From FACT Magazine)
We've blogged before about the uniquely dark stylings of Ekolplekz, and since then, his 12" for Punch Drunk has been on continual repeat on the stereo. Connecting the dots between Daphne Oram, Merzbow and Bass Clef, he imbues the lead-heavy textures of industrial noise and radiophonic soundscaping with a warped sense of rhythm and deep skanking vibes. Whilst Stalag Zero / Distended Dub touched on Throbbing Gristle, Einsturzende Neubauten and the post-punk sound, his live set is a more melodic and spacier proposition, full of depth and warmth. Here it is on Fact magazine's soundcloud.

Ekoplekz' blog, World of Eko, is a great resource for the discerning analogue fiend - full of snapshots of vintage hardware, links to some beautiful soundscapes, and some seriously cool artwork.

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