28 November 2010

Sofabet.com predicts the X Factor

As much as I hate it (and hate to admit it), I have been drawn into this year's X Factor competition. Not for any particular reason other than it has been on, I have caught few episodes, and been sucked in. And, you know, sometimes it feels good to participate in the huge cultural happenings that bring us together as a nation. Sometimes.

The whole programme feels so scripted that it brings out my Fortean interest in conspiracy, in those dark and sinister forces controlling everyone's movement from behind the scenes. Bwahahah! So I went on a little internet search using terms like "x-factor" "Illuminati" "Fix" etc. Surprisingly there are very few "exposing the subliminal Illuminati symbolism of the X-Factor" type posts (my guess is that those people have been baited by Kanye West's "Power" video) but I have found one site that is incredibly canny at predicting X-Factor outcomes.

No, it's not a conspiracy site, it is a betting site that specialises in reality TV show competitions, how their odds work, and how you could make a bit of money from them. Ah, money. The root of all evil. Sofabet.com also cover those other well known hives of Masonic brainwashing called Strictly Come Dancing, Britain's Got Talent and the Eurovision Song Contest. Oh how our evil overlords cackle in our faces!

By following and focussing on,the money, Sofabet can give us a clearer picture of the interests at stake in X-Factor than practically anyone else. They are aware that the public vote can change outcomes in a show like this, but also that the producers of X-Factor have a very real agenda and they will do their best to see it come true. And that agenda has nothing to do with Baphomet or the Eye of Horus, and all to do with making their bank accounts expand.

Way back at the end of the summer, Sofabet drew out a series of rough guidelines of how to read the show. They have formulated a pretty simple set of factors that can help or hinder the contestant, and that can be relatively easily manipulated by the judges. So if you are serious about predicting the X Factor, or if you wanna try your luck at making a bit of money, start here, and learn about the importance of the contestants' running order, the reverse-psychology of the judge's comments. and the "sympathy bounce".

Sadly I think Wagner will go tonight, as he has served his purpose and can't be allowed to reach the final. While I would like to see him there, and even win outright, it's not going to happen as the "Vote Wagner" campaign is just not strong enough. Wand Erection will win the series, and join the ranks of JLS and The Wanted at the top of the charts, while the obviously talented Matt Cardle will come second. I'm still not sure as to whether Cher or Rebecca will come third, but I am guessing Cher, as Rebecca has not bloomed enough over the last few weeks to truly fit the "ugly duckling" narrative she was chosen for. She has a strong following though, so who knows.

If there is to be a repeat of last years "Killing In The Name" Xmas Number One campaign, I don't think Wagner is the one to do it. Neither is John Cage, sadly - the only hope of toppling a Wand Erection Xmas number one this year is if the Gamu campaign really takes off, but as she is quickly fading from public consciousness, I doubt that will happen either. And what of that Twitter leak? Making public the results of the phone vote? Well, Sofabet has an interview with the source of the leak, and it is very interesting. Follow the money folks...

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