28 October 2010

Untold - Stereo Freeze

Untold - Stereo Freeze (R&S Records)
Holy fuck. R&S have been returning to impeccable form following releases from James Blake and Model 500, but with this 12" from Untold, they just raised the game a notch. Opening with a brooding bassline and his trademark breathy samples, Untold builds up a rapid-fire wall of percussion and bass shifts until it all peaks and drops into a lurching, offbeat syncopation. Peppered with distorted synth jabs and wild wobbling bass, it occupies a weird mid-ground between Garage/ funky and Detroit electro, uniting the classic R&S sound with the new school of dance music producers. Make no mistake, it's a dancefloor destroyer alright - a rampaging clusterfuck of styles. The B-side's pretty special too; kicking in on a swung 4/4 beat, a bass melody and a filthy sub do battle for domination, before those rave stabs re-emerge again and it reaches a similarly pounding climax. This is easily on par with Untold's previous anthem I Can't Stop This Feeling - with R&S pushing it, it's going to be massive.

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