9 October 2010

SIlverclub Minterview

Silverclub are awesome. I have been listening to their debut album a lot lately, and after posting about them before (with a link to some free music) I managed to coax a mini-interview out of main man Duncan Jones:

What was the inspiration for getting Silverclub together?

It kind of happened by accident. I have been friends with Jim Noir for a number of years, and we used to jam a lot when we were hanging out. I had never sung in a band and never intended to but he was insistent
that I could sing, write lyrics, and craft songs, rather than just
doing the electronic stuff. Insistent to the point he eventually gave
me a really nice soundcard and condensor mic and told me I now had 'no
excuse'. I've had to grow into the frontman/singer role pretty quickly
really as I never thought the demos I was initially making would cause
the interest they did.

What are your main musical influences?

Well I started off in bands but around 18 I got into making techno and
house, something I continue to do under the moniker 'DNCN'. When it
comes to other current bands I'm way off the pulse, although there is
some top class stuff going on in Manchester with the likes of Ten
Bears, The Travelling Band and Suzuki Method. Generally I'm more
likely to be listening to Elvis Costello or the Clash or something
like that though.

Where did your name come from?

We were called 'This Year's Model' after the Elvis Costello album, but
found out there was a Swedish band who had pipped us to the post and
put an album out calling themselves the same. After some brainstorming
and a lengthy list of increasingly tragic name suggestions were put
forward we decided to name ourselves after the track 'Indo Silver
Club' from Daft Punk's 'Homework', only to discover they themselves
had released stuff under that name. At that point I'd lost interest in
the whole name thing so we just dropped the 'Indo' and shoved the
other 2 words together, it doesn't mean anything really and isn't a
particularly great band name but we can make it our own I guess.

Silver Apples or Silver Convention?

Sounds to me like inedible fruit or old folk's gathering. In fact I
know Silver Apples are a band but I haven't heard them so for now I'm
saying neither. I'll go for a normal apple if that's on offer? Granny
Smith preferably.

So who's in your live band?

I've got a proper supergroup in my opinion. Drums are by Jim Noir,
I've Got Chris McGrath from Sirconical/Magic Arm/Jim Noir's band on
Bass, Henrietta Smith-Rolla from Sisters of Transistors on Keys and
BV's, and turntable legend G-Kut on cuts/sequenced stuff and
percussion, I'm privileged that they all seem to enjoy working on my
stuff so much.

Any tour plans coming up?

We are on tour at the moment, you can check out the dates at
http://silverclubuk.com where you can also download the 'All in All
EP' for free!

When are your single/album coming out?

The digital version of the EP is out now, we are just about to release
a 12" to accompany it at the start of November, which will be the
first 'hybrid' picture disc to be produced in the UK, basically it's a
picture on one side and full quality vinyl on the other so a bit of a
collectors item I guess. At the moment it's looking like it will sell
out on pre-sales alone so those interested should maybe go here and
place their order ...

Silver Streak or Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer?

That fantastic four film was on TV the other week. It's pretty
terrible, I kind of enjoyed it in a sort of Valium-esque mind melting
way though.

There's been a lot of, um, "mixed feelings" about the current Manchester music scene. What's your take on it?

As I mentioned before there's some great stuff around at the moment
but as far as a 'scene' I'm glad to say I don't really see one.
Manchester's current strength is in it's diversity of music for me.
Sure there's a lot of politics, bullshit and mudslinging goes on and
I'm sure people will have a few choice words about us at some point,
but for me it's a waste of my time and effort to get involved. My
energies are better served just getting on with the music, if someone
else wants to tell us we are part of a scene they are welcome to, they
would be dead wrong though.

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