27 October 2010

Poetry Is Nearer To Vital Truth Than History

Last night I was speaking to a friend about poetry. I was advising her to go and hear some performed, or at the very least read it out loud when she reads it. To me, the real power in poetry is in performed poetry. I figured that out a few years back, and was fairly amazed nobody really mentioned it in school. All great bard traditions began as oral traditions, and the live context is still how poems are best experienced, as far as my experience goes.

That said, I'm always willing to try something new...

Some of you may know Jason Nelson from some of his other projects(he made it on to boing boing with I Made This, You Play This, We Are Enemies for example), most of which are a bit wierd. Okay, I think probably all of them. Anyway.

He's recently made, or maybe composed, some digital poetry.
I'm undecided as yet what I think of the individual pieces, but glad he's still working on weird ass shit.

If you'd like to see more of his recent work, check out his Videograph Fictions.

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