16 September 2010

Pete Burns will never release another record (digitally).

Icon of 80s excess Pete Burns (of Dead Or Alive fame) has made the following startling announcement through his current record label:


It is with extreme sadness, and absolute anger, that I have to announce that no further releases will be made available via digital download in the future.

This decision has been made due to the illegal posting of Pete Burns record 'Never Marry An Icon' by various individuals on YouTube, and other 'share' sites, less than a week after release. They call themselves 'Fans', but they are really the enemy! A blatant act of piracy, which is as much a product of YouTube's scandalous lack of clearance policy, which should verify ownership of copyright in any item posted on their website, but never is! And is, as far as this record label is concerned, one of the major reasons for the decline of a music industry, dying as a result of YouTube's total lack of ethics, discretion, or morality, both personally and legally.

The promo video release for 'Never Marry An Icon' has now been cancelled.

The 12'' Extended Club Remix of 'ICON' ( due for release 21/09/2010 ) is now cancelled.

All future releases by Pete Burns and Dead or Alive will be in 'physical CD & DVD format', and can only be obtained via pre-order, and pre-payment, through bristarrecords@gmail.com. Full name & postal address, together with an International Money Order, Postal Order, or Certified or Personal Cheque, will be required, at least 30 days in advance of release. Address for remittances will be sent via return email upon receipt of orders.

'THE ART' by The DIRTY DISCO featuring 'PETE BURNS', will be the next release on BRISTAR RECORDS. RELEASE DATE - NOVEMBER 1st. 2010. Formats - 7'', 12'' EXTENDED CLUB MIX, Instrumental Version.Info & Pre-Order at bristarrecords@gmail.com

All future CD/DVD releases will contain copyright management code embedded in the audio signal to prevent copying and sharing via the Internet, and will be numbered and barcoded, in order to prevent copyright breaches, as mentioned above. And to ensure a clear legal pathway to identify and prosecute any copyright theft of our product.

Obviously, the cost of obtaining future recordings and product will be higher for production and distribution of physical CD/DVD Packages, than a simple download. But Piracy is a crime, and we must make a stand against it, and people like, ADDRESSREMOVED@yahoo.gr , and the other people who have posted 'Never Marry An Icon' on 'share' sites, and who seem to think offering another persons work for free, without permission, must be stopped! Please feel free to contact Alice at her email address above, and get her reasons for sabotaging and destroying Pete Burns opportunity for chart placings and T.V exposure for his first solo single! Thanks to all of you for your continued support!

Lotsa Love!
Yours sincerely...,
Steve Coy

There is so much wrong with this that I should hardly have to point out (and I'm not even talking about the decision to publish the email address of the supposed leaker; we removed it, obviously). I sincerely doubt that any label who has spent money on a 12" mix and a promo video would decide to shelve them because of a leak (onto bloody Youtube of all places) but I do find the idea of Burns' future advances being stumped up by his fans as quite interesting. I hope there's a "satisfaction or your money back" clause - especially after hearing the single itself:

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  1. Wow, that really does right shit... like a record baby, right shit, right shit.