27 September 2010

Daft Punk "Tron" soundtrack preview

If you want to hear a brief snippet of the Daft Punk score for the upcoming Tron: Legacy go to this site: http://www.tronsoundtrack.com

then, in the black background behind the main window click anywhere and type "derezzed". The audio will then start playing. Note - the DP music has an electro beat, it's not the Vangelis-ey synth music that plays when you open the page.


  1. Sounds... okay? Man, this soundtrack better blow my fucking balls out my ears when it finally drops, the hype has been that hefty... I wonder if the DP robots are still completely operational, and all their circuits functioning perfectly?

    I was honestly expecting to be more excited than this.

  2. I was more into the main theme. I thought that was it until I typed in the word and heard the more obviously Daft Punk bit. It's a bit too short to cast an opinion out of I think.