13 August 2010


So Myspace has a new layout - well, as Shannon Doherty says in Mallrats: "too little too late". Incredibly, Myspace still seems to see itself as competing for the same market as Facebook and Twitter (both of which do their own job much better thank you), while not playing up the fact that practically everyone in the world of music is on there. I guess Murdoch and co are bricking it at the thought of losing tens of millions of users, which is understandable as Myspace's sole revenue stream is advertising. But you know, this was always going to happen! It will happen to Facebook and Twitter too, when brighter shinier toys come along.

What's most annoying is that all this "pimping up" only addresses surface level factors, and major fundamental flaws (such as the search engines) have not been touched. Also, the user's homepage is now actually more confusing than before, as there is nothing to distinguish adverts from actual functions. I would like to know who exactly team Myspace consulted about these so-called improvements. I certainly don't think it was anyone in the world of music.

It's a real shame - I have been a Myspace user for a good 5 years now, and made some great connections out of it, and I still feel that if streamlined correctly it would be the best site for the music business. But alas, when has Murdoch ever done anything that was in the public interest? I'm with Andrew Dubber on this one. They've truly jumped the shark.

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