23 August 2010

Lock Up Your Daughters Minterview

Lock Up Your Daughters is a lesbian-themed fanzine and a monthly night at Glasgow's Flying Duck. In the spirit of supporting aceness I sent them some questions to learn more about their shizzle.

"Lock Up Your Daughters" - fans of Joseph Fritzl perhaps?

Ha! Actually at the time that story broke a friend of ours posted links to the story all over our facebook and myspace with the caption “I think someone took your advice a little too literally”. We got a lot of stick for that, but then again we tend to get a lot of stick for everything – if we weren’t offending people we wouldn’t be doing our jobs.

How did the night start?

We were pissed off with the lack of fun, queer stuff in Glasgow. One day we decided to stop moaning about it and do something. The zine came first and we held club-nights to fund the print run. Then the club-nights took on a life of their own and proved to be pretty popular. We realized that loads of people had been feeling the same about the scene in Glasgow and a ton of queer independent nights sprung up all around the city.

What's your musical policy?

I like playing anything you don't associate with shitty cheesy gay clubs and that makes people dance. I like to play Electro, fidget, bassline, dubstep, disco a bit of hip hop is good too.
I don't want gays to have to 'drag' their straight mates along to LUYD like I did when I used to go to Polo [Lounge]... I want them to want to go cos of the tunez.

Who's the hottest woman in the world right now?

I’m totally fickle, I’m watching tons of Tru Blood and Countdown at the moment so Anna Paquin and Susie Dent are currently pretty high. Lucy loves Sigourney Weaver, especially the Alien 3 look and her Avatar fashion sense – she also inexplicably fancies Ronaldo.
Suse likes buxom homely Nigella Lawson types.

How do you find the Glasgow gay scene?

Well it’s pretty much ghettoized by the G1 cunts. They dominate the scene in Glasgow and make it tacky and pathetic which isn’t only annoying but also unethical – they kick us out of their bars when we try to flyer our nights and they charged £4 for a shitty beer at Pride.

Indie-wise I think Glasgow gets better all the time. In fact it’s sometimes a victim of its own success as many people don’t even know that some of the biggest nights like Death Disco and R-P-Z were originally gay nights. I’m not saying that straighties shouldn’t go but I feel we should recognize their heritage in a mobo-esque kinda way.

I never knew there are that many gay girls in Glasgow - were you surprised by the popularity of the night?

Yeah definitely! But having said that Glasgow has more energy and is more receptive to new ideas and projects than any other city in the UK I’ve been to. The success of the night and the zine says as much about the enthusiasm of the Glasgow queers as it does about LUYD. We’re very aware that we would be nothing without the support of everyone involved – it sounds glib but we’re very grateful to all the people that come down. Someone at the last night told me he’d traveled 200 miles to be there – I hope that says more about us than it does about the highlands, I took it as a massive compliment.

Any special guests lined up for future nights?

Well I’m glad you asked, October’s set to be a MASSIVE one, international queer superstars SCREAM CLUB are coming over from Berlin to kick off the party. We’re launching a new mag that night too. Hopefully Shunda K (of Yo! Majesty) will play later in the year too.

How did the zine start?

As mentioned the zine actually came first. We wanted to make something cool that showcased all the creative, awesome, weird and hott queer stuff that was around. We felt that existing stuff was either lame or overly politicized. We wanna make queers feel sexy not get bogged down in the negatives.

What's coming up in the next issue?

The next issue has an international feel to it. South Korean pride, The Cheetahs – a radical queer Swedish organization, an article about DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW a gay Hong Kong club, plus tons of other stuff.

Any other zines you'd recommend Shallow Rave readers to check out?

I really like last hours and MorgenMuffel is nice although I find anarchists irritating. The Glasgow based “letters from the city” is saccharine sweet but I do love it. My favourite zine ever was called the “lesbian lexicon” which was basically a dictionary of funny queer words like doppelbanger (the lesbian tendency to fuck people who they look like), fauxmo (fake homos), bangover (the pain you experience after a heavy night’s passion), some of the words, like bromance, have even spread into general use. I found it in Chicago while I was traveling around the US and I’m so mad at myself as I fucking lost it!
Basically I like all zines except those about vegan cookery or lesbian self-defence – aw hell no!

Check out some articles form the zine, and get all the latest LUYD news here: http://www.lockupyourdaughtersmagazine.co.uk

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