29 August 2010

FSG Live

I've been a big fan of Forward Strategy Groups Records for a good while now, ever since I was given Smear's first 12" to review back in the Skinny days. They've sold out limited run vinyls with no press whatsoever, made the playlists of big names like Surgeon, Dettman et al, and sound like T++ being beaten into submission with a Buckfast bottle.

At the moment, I'm very excited by their podcast for Detached.co.uk, which can be found here. Pure raging techno that has no time for those long breakdowns where you go to the bar. Luke Slater may be a genius, but Planetary Assualt Systems has nothing on this. Boom Boom Drug Music, what?

Mike Ink – Roughmix
KK Null – Missing Link
Max Duley – Own Worst Enemy
EPC – Where Do You Go?
Aubrey – Dark // Mike Parker Mix
Ugandan Methods – Mat Oput 2
Forward Strategy Group – Untitled // Live
Frankie Bones – The Strength To Communicate
SP-X – Sp17 (eq2)
Cluster – 7.42
Sigha – Shake
Charles Manier – Uncompromised Awareness
Forward Strategy Group – untitled // live
Kero – 7 Mile Sucker
Rob Alcock – Traces(Fumiya Tanaka Remix)
The Operator – Strobotron
Forward Strategy Group – Conduct Code #1
Panasonic – Unranokemia
Reuber – Ruhig Blut
Perc – BCG(FSG Mix)
Perc – Wooden Art
Erase Head – Terzog
Con-Dom – Mission To Kill
Smear – Form Constant
La Peste – HL 13 B
Surgeon – Death Before Surrender
Inigo Kennedy – Elevation Seven
Omar S – Busaru Beats
Surgeon – La Real
DJ Qu – Be Who You Want(Hardknock Shakers)
DJ Skull – Frantic Panic
La Peste – HL 13 A
Planetary Assault Systems – Into The Night
Harvey Lane – Clutch
Electric Deluxe – Electric Deluxe
Fumiya Tanaka – Floor People Tension
Tommy Gillard – Rogue Beat 2
Rob Alcock – Afterlight
Joshua – Phase Extrem

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There's more Smear and FSG on a number of netlabels Ante-Rasa, Kaktus Recordings and Avionix. Shallow Rave likes techno.

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