22 July 2010

Everybody's Gotta Post Sometime

Punch And The Apostles - the spazz-influenced romantics who always bring a Parisian sadness mixed with Mingus nonsense to the fore - are back with two [yes, TWO!] releases. One of them is called Meat In Summerland, and is their new LP. Having a large soft spot for both Zappa and Mr Bungle, it's a big ol' boat-floater of the interesting variety

The second release is Hymn Of Death and doesn't matter. It's an instrumental [this isn't true] and instrumentals are just boring [again, not true. 'Albatross', anyone?]. Anyway, enough procrastination - let's hear some tracks as these guys are wonderful, Glaswegian and back [though they live in Berlin]

Latest tracks by Punch & the Apostles

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