4 June 2010

Not your average mix....

Two quite surreal mixes. The first is a more traditional DJ mix, but with a wonky bent and some total sideways time signatures - Dr Noke's from Dubno To Clickstep mix, which contains Um-Machtung (probably my favourite of his tunes to date) and the riddim of Sublimacy - also available featuring Kid Ritalin on FUCKNO.
Dr.Nojoke - From Dubno to Clikstep mix by Dr.Nojoke
Next up is DJ Gonzo's Broken Toy Orchestra mix; a compilation of oneiric blurs, crackly sketches and alt-folk experimentation. Contains probably my favourite FourTet track of all time; My Angel Rocks Back and Forth.
The Broken Toy Orchestra by DjGonzo

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