2 May 2010

My-My-My Telephone

There's a great article on boingboing.net about the telephone and how it is but an "abberation" in human history. Apparently the telephone has made us all slaves to other people's whims.

The article is basically just a quote from Rick Webb, but what makes it really great is the comments and the over-whelmingly anti-social nature of most of them. Now, I can get annoyed at my phone going off sometimes (a lot of the time even), but I don't think I am as extreme as some of the folk commenting here. I mean, where does the expectation come from that you MUST pick up your phone every time it rings? It's like TV, people - if it's pissing you off, turn it off!

This may be a good point to mention that I have just made a Hi-NRG remix of Lady Gaga's Telephone for Menergy, the subject of which is exactly what this article is about. Only now it is roughly 25-30% gayer than the original track.

See what I did there?

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